Gun Show Spotlight: The Taurus G3 Pistol

Gun Show Spotlight: The Taurus G3 Pistol

Posted by GunShowMags on 20th May 2021

What is the history of the Taurus G3?

The Taurus G3 appeared in 2019 as the newest full-framed 9mm handgun offering from Taurus Firearms. It is a slightly upscaled version of the Taurus G2c, what makes these great for personal defense, is that they are inexpensive to manufacture, reliable, light and can carry a significant amount of ammo.

The Taurus brand in itself is steeped in a rich long history, starting from its humble roots in Brazil. The brand was introduced to US customers in 1968, in 1970 owners of Smith & Wesson acquired controlling interest in Taurus, buy 7 years later Taurus is re-acquired by the company principals. In 1982 Taurus sought to grow prominence in the American firearm market and set up shop in Miami, Florida. After nearly 4 decades in Miami, Florida, Taurus opened and moved to a 200,000 square foot manufacturing center in Bainbridge, Georgia. The new generation of 9mm Luger Taurus G3 is released and offered in different models.

What makes the Taurus G3 a good choice?

The Taurus G3 9mm semi-auto pistol full-size, succeeds the popular Taurus G2c pistol as the 4-inch barrel configuration. Though full-frame in size, the G3 continues the polymer-frame profile and concealability of the G2c, making it perfect for (EDC) everyday carry.

Handgun consumers will appreciate features such as stippling patches across the grip, an ergonomic palm swell and side-frame Memory Pads to enhance control and repeatable hand positioning. In an effort to minimize clothing snags, the Taurus G3 sports uniform beveling along the front of the slide and frame combined with a steep contoured bevel along the back of the slide. Front and rear machined serrations along the slide ensure a no-slip grip for cartridge chambering and slide manipulation. Additional slide features include a drift-adjustable rear sight, loaded chamber indicator, steel guide rod and spring assembly, and the choice of carbon steel or stainless-steel finish.

The Taurus G3 is similar in overall design to the sub-compact G2, except that it is a larger pistol. Taurus describes the G3 as their "full-size" gun, however it is very similar in size to a Glock 19. Depending upon where the buyer lives G3, comes with an extended 17-round magazine and a flush-fit 15-round magazine, two 15 rounders or two 10-rounders. The lower capacity magazines are designed to comply with laws and regulations enforced in some jurisdictions. The grip is sized to fit a 15 round magazine.

The Taurus G3 is available in six different models, offering the consumer a selection in slide finish and magazine capacities. Magazine options include two 10-round mags, two 15-round mags, or one 15- and one 17-round mag. The G3 has an MSRP of $345.23 or $360.70, depending on model configuration.

What magazines are available for the Taurus G3

Taurus is leading the industry in low-cost but high-quality firearm products. These guns and accessories are engineered with superior craftsmanship and quality in mind. Taurus is built with the consumer in mind. Whether being used for law enforcement, hunting, personal defense or competitive shooting, Taurus products will fill the need.

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